Imported Chairs


The Frank A. Conkling Company can provide chairs and chair components to meet your specifications. From unfinished chair components to finished and upholstered pieces, we can deliver the pieces you need on time and within budget. Many styles of chairs can be produced in several of our factories overseas to allow mixed containers of products. In addition to exporting our own Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry and Maple, to the factories to provide our imported chair pieces with North American Hardwood, The Frank A. Conkling Company offers Rubberwood for furniture applications. Rubberwood is very popular with chair designers due to its versatility, economy and ecologically-friendly properties. Rubberwood trees have been grown on plantations for centuries mainly for the production of latex. Rubberwood will accept many different stain colors to matches to Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut and even Pine. Once the sap yield is reduced, the trees are harvested and replanted to produce the fine furniture pictured left. To view a selection of our imported chairs and chair components, please visit the photo galleries below.