About Us

The Frank A. Conkling Company History

For over eighty years, The Frank A. Conkling Company has offered superior forest products and knowledgeable, dedicated customer service. The company was founded in 1920 when Frank Conkling moved from Ohio to Memphis, Tennessee to be closer to his source of hardwood lumber. As his business grew, Frank realized he would have to expand his staff. In the 1930’s, he teamed up with two partners, Lyon Wilbur and Lee Hagedorn.

This new partnership began to expand its product line, offering hardwood dimension lumber and hardwood plywood. By the 1950’s, they had added flakeboard, the predecessor of today’s particleboard, to their line. Incorporating in the 1970’s, the company continued to expand its selection as advancing technology brought more and more new products to the market.

The Frank A. Conkling Company looks forward to completing its first century in the forest products business with a continually expanding array of products to meet all of your wood product requirements. We pledge to continue providing our customers with the best possible products and service at the fairest possible prices.

David L. Hagedorn
General Manager